Monte & Barbara Cady, Founders of Whodunnit Mysteries and parents to the Crazy Cady  Sisters

For nearly 30 years our parents ran, family-friendly role-playing mystery games. Prior to starting, Monte and Barbara attended mystery parties with store-bought games; however, they were uncomfortable with the risqué themes and questionable characters. Mom often said, “It wasn’t unusual for my character to be having an affair with another character in the party, and Dad would have the same problem.” With their discomfort in mind, they set out to wholesome write mystery games filled with the same quirky humor you find at Crazy Cady Sisters. 


Mom and dad wrote, tested and hosted PG-Rated whodunnit mystery parties out of their home for several years, then expanded to the internet. Monte and Barbara found they enjoyed playing their own games, and so did their friends – so much so that friends would ask to be included in the mystery parties over and over again. (Check out our games list HERE)



In 2011, Barbara lost her battle to Pancreatic Cancer, and 11 months later Monte left this earth to return to his wife, the love of his life.

Nearly 30 years after their vision began, Monte and Barbara’s legacy lives on with the Crazy Cady Sisters running the business.  Some of the best selling games are below: For a list of ALL 20+ mystery game parties, (Check out our games list HERE).