Define Normal Book

family photo 1983The Cady kids grew up in a wild, raucous home where they roamed the streets like a roving band of skinny-legged, wild haired hooligans. They explored, they terrorized, they screamed at the top of their lungs then came home to do the same to their parents.

But raising ten children was no small task for Monte and Barbara Cady. Monte worked long hours and travelled several weeks out of the month so that Barbara could stay home with the kids.

As a result, Monte and Barbara went to extremes to keep a roof over their heads, make lasting memories, put food on the table, and entertain their sharp minds while doing their best to love and care for each individual child.

Fifty-five years after the first child was born, the Crazy Cady sisters are on a quest to share the hilariously unique life they lived as they grew up as a member of the Crazy Cady Clan.

This non-fiction book promises to include a peak into our unique family dynamic including sibling rivalry, vacations, meals, holidays and traditions, and so much more.

At times you’ll be fascinated, other times you’ll be horrified, but either way, we hope you’ll be laughing till your cheeks hurt and your eyes water.

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