The Cady Family Bounty Hunters

Reward Poster


Yes indeed, sometimes our shoes were tricky and very elusive. After the whole family had hunter for a while, frequently a poster would appear, prominently displayed, featuring some of Dad’s professional art work. Then the hunt was on.

Fifty cents – not a lot of money by today’s standards, but that would buy a precious couple of candy bars which you didn’t have to share with your siblings. Children would fan throughout the house, searching under furniture and in toy boxes, combing dirty clothes buckets and even the dreaded the sock bucket. Frequently the neighborhood children would help, excited to claim the bounty if they got lucky. After all, they spent enough time at our house they were practically family *cough Kimmy cough*.

Those were the good old days. A while ago I issued a bounty of $20 for a lost wallet. Well worth it in my mind if I didn’t have to replace my credit cards and drivers license. Alas, it wasn’t found for another year. Wallets can be tricky and very elusive, too.

Did your family offer a bounty system for lost items? If so, how much was the going rate in your family? (Bonus points if you can provide pictures of the poster!)





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