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My husband has a Cady sense of humor.

4friendsI was recently on a birthday trip to Hawaii my husband had arranged for me and a few girlfriends. It’s okay to swoon, ladies. I think of how kind he is, and I swoon a little, too. He had no idea the weather was going to be as HORRIBLE as it was.  It’s the thought that counts.

Our party was set to return right in the middle of Washington’s infamous “Snowpocolypse/Snowmageddon.” I don’t know that it was really infamous, but I know my social media was filled with it.

Because our airplane was coming in from Seattle, the plane kept getting delayed because they couldn’t get out of the SeaTac airport. We had three more hours to hang around in Honolulu than we planned. This doesn’t sound like a problem, but it was.

Scott came in with the clutch, again! He sent us a scavenger hunt to accomplish in that time!

  • Take a photo with three shirtless men per girl
  • Find a couple on a babymoon
  • Find someone from Minnesota
  • Get an Asian to give one of you a hug
  • Take a photo holding $50,000 worth of merchandise
  • Take a video three of you skipping down the middle of an active road for at least 30 seconds
  • Speaking only in Pig Latin get directions to the nearest ABC store.
  • Get someone to give you directions to a location that is behind you but refuse to turn around and see it.
  • Find a Trump supporter
  • Find someone to let you sit in their high end car (for the boys)
  • Get a photo of twins
  • Find a beagle
  • Get a group of people to do the YMCA dance with you
  • Perform on a street corner until you get $10
  • Get into a public fight until a stranger breaks you up.

This turned out to be an absolute hoot! Imagine four grown woman running up to strangers asking questions like, “Are you from Minnesota?” “Are you a twin?”  I am so grateful for a husband that sets these things up for me, and make sure that I have a ridiculously fun time at them, too.  He gets my Crazy Cady sense of humor – and feeds it, too!

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