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We Are Officially Paid Authors!

It’s official! We got our first royalty payment for our Monte’s Misfits books! Granted, our first book was only published for a couple of days in August, but money is money, right? Just keepin’ it real, yo! Plus, it was split four ways!

IMG_1711[1] IMG_1712[1]

There’s a story behind this card though.

Our father grew up in Alaska back in the days when it was incredibly hard to get supplies from the lower 48 (also known as the rest of the U.S.). He learned to be resourceful and to make do with whatever he had regardless of the situation.

This held true throughout our childhood, regardless of where we lived, and it was an ongoing joke among the kids.

Birthday cards would sometimes be for a different occasion, but crossed out with the new, more pertinent occasion written in by Dad. Christmas presents were wrapped in newspaper and (my favorite!) comics. Clothes were hand-me-downs, often more than once. Dad filled boxes and drawers with things he “might need later.”

And he often did.

His resourcefulness is also probably why we made ends meet during the lean times. And those times were awfully lean at times.

So, as we discussed whether or not to send our first “royalty checks” out digitally, we decided unanimously to send them out “Cady style.”

Oh what style we have! lol

Until next time…


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