Ode to the Sick Day


I am sick.

I want to curl up on our slightly scratchy couch wrapped in a homemade quilt sipping Apple Cider, Top Ramen, and orange juice and watch The Price is Right. If I was nauseous, add some saltines and a loaf pan.

That was my childhood sickness ritual. Nothing fancy. Nothing flashy.  There was not too much doting to be had by Mom.  I mean, by the time I came around, Mom had gone through every imaginable sickness with my nine older siblings.  She knew just about anything I contracted would pass eventually, so no need to make a big fuss.

So what am I doing now that I’m sick?  Working.  *sigh* At least I have a mug full of Apple Cider to soothe my aching throat. And this mug brings me back to my childhood.  These are the mugs that one of Dad’s employees made for his “Monte’s Misfits” as Christmas Present.  30+ years later, it’s a memento I hold precious.


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