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Free-for-all February

I live in western Washington. The weather is mild throughout the year as each season gradually moves to the next, but we do have seasons. One of my daughters was born in Winter’s January. It snowed the day I took her home from the hospital. My other daughter was born in Spring’s March where we enjoyed flowers, sunshine, and cool breezes. But February? February is a month of free-for-alls.

In the last 10 days we have experienced rain, snow, fog, sunshine, hail, shorts, and sunshine. Our poor plants don’t know what to do! We recently had a week of sunshine and cool breezes with just enough warmth to trigger bulbs growing. One of the neighborhood cherry trees started to blossom and there were tulips, daffodils, and crocus everywhere. I decided winter was over and set about once again setting up the fountain by my front door.

This year I planned to surround it by a raised bed giving bulbs and tubers a permanent home. I carefully placed my fountain, planned the shape of the raised bed, added water to the fountain, and plugged it in. Oh, what a glorious sound! The water gurgled and trickled down and echoed through my partially covered entry. I went inside, opened my kitchen window, and let the intoxicating sounds of spring surround me as I did dishes, cleaned and cooked.

That weekend we had a cold snap. Sunday it snowed and Monday we even had school delays for a day. Five short days after setting up my fountain and enjoying the sounds of a premature Spring, I was forced to de-ice my fountain, empty it, and return it to it’s sad, dark, lonely storage place behind the shed.

I look at it occasionally. I remember it frequently. I check the weather reports often. It’s not quite warm enough yet. March is here, though, and the month of free-for-alls is over. My raised bed is filled with fertile soil and I’m planting my Bleeding Hearts and bulbs this weekend. In a few short weeks, my fountain will have a permanent home, complete with plants to welcome it and flourish in its misting waters. Good-bye February. I’m ready for Spring.

Peggy – #4

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