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“This Too Shall Pass”

While I was growing up, the phrase, “This too shall pass,” was said by our mom so many times, I swore I’d never say it to my children.  And I haven’t. So imagine my surprise when I heard my husband mumble it at me yesterday. Not only at me, but about me. What? How is this possible?

When Mom said it she was usually dealing with something (or someone) particularly difficult in her life. When she was trying to help one of us deal with something (or someone) difficult she would often tell us how this phrase helped give her perspective….eventually. Kind of like enduring to the end. So, why was my husband muttering, “This too shall pass,” about me?

Could it have been because he was trying to have a somewhat serious conversation during dinner and I kept interjecting snide remarks and giggling? Possibly because I promised I’d stop talking and proceeded to pinch my lips together with my fingers, distracting others and making them forget what they were saying? It could have been my unnecessary questions loosely related to the topic being discussed but really having nothing to do with the point. Maybe because I had derailed his dinner conversation and ended up laughing my head off. Oh, and I was the only one laughing. It could have been… well, it could have been lots of things.

How do I feel about being the object of, “This too shall pass?” Honestly, it wasn’t the first time, but since I’d spent most of dinner time heckling Boyd, I think I deserved it. In his defense, there was a great big grin on his face when he said it. Besides, he was voluntarily helping me clear off the dinner table. But the best part is, he didn’t complain or get upset that I was “having a moment.”  He didn’t put me in the corner like Gloria and Donna used to do.  Instead, he just rolled with it and waited for my obnoxious, loud, sarcastic, highly irreverent moment to pass.  And a couple of hours later when I fell asleep, it passed.

Peggy (#4)

2018-01-26 11.51.27

Peggy banished to the corner for bad behavior.

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