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1st Christmas Party of the Year!


Tomorrow is a big day! I’m inviting a few of my favorite people over, and I’m throwing a mystery party!  This, in and of itself, isn’t wholly out of the normal.  What IS a big deal is the fact that I wrote this Mystery Party all by myself!

My parents (and after they passed, my siblings) have written and sold mystery parties for the past 30 years, but this is my first one. My father had a silly sense of humor, and I tried to infuse as much of his humor into my game as I could.  Writing this has brought my dad, especially, into my thoughts a lot.  I hope this is a game he would have been proud of.

I’m feeling many things as tomorrow approaches:  giddy, proud, nervous, shy, excited, anxious, determined, bashful, prepared, scatterbrained, and many, many more, depending on the moment.

If you want to check out some of Dad’s writing, go to  Most of the games up there are originals from him.  For the month of December only, you can get 20% off your first order.  Use the coupon code “who2017” to get your 20% off. Now’s a great time to try a game out!  The Queen’s Jewels is even set at a New Year’s Party.

If all goes well, my Christmas-themed party will be up for sale in time for next year’s Christmas parties!  Grab your Ugly Sweater while you can. 😉

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