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A Cady is a Cady

Last weekend #10 was over with her husband and two of her children. To celebrate the event, #2 dropped by as did my two daughters with their husband and boyfriend. It was a nice, quaint gathering with a noise rating of “dull roar.” After all, there were only three Cadys in the mix. Except, of course, for Cady.

We were gathered around the table eating and talking and laughing when suddenly Cady burst into laughter, pointing at her mom and me. When met with silence and ten blank stares she explained that without looking at each other, #10 and I had raised our eyebrows at the exact same time and in the exact same manner. She found that to be hilarious. We did too, since there are many quirks, mannerisms, physical traits, thought processes, and ways of doing things that have only one explanation. “You must be a Cady.”

This got me to thinking about all the traits that we share as a family, and how many of those have been shared with our own children. All the times we have gotten together and laughed at the same jokes, loved the same movies, enjoyed the same hobbies, disliked the same foods, been intolerant of the same injustices and shared the same tears. All the times we have been mutually tolerant, accepting, loving, and forgiving. Once again I have come to the conclusion that families, whether they share the same DNA or not, can be a wonderful thing. And I love mine.

Peggy – #4

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