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Hello, Fall. Goodbye, Summer.

I love living in Washington. One of the things I really like about it is the seasonal changes we experience. I’m always ready for them when they come. I love winter when it gets cold and we sometimes get snow. But even when we don’t  there is a crispness to the air that bites at my face when I walk outside.

The warmth of spring seems to come along just before I start swinging at ‘ol Jack Frost because I’m so tired of being cold. And I love to see new signs of life poking through the ground and materializing on trees and shrubs. The colors and smells from flowers and the birds chirping in the early morning hours gives me goosebumps every time.

When summer makes it’s entrance I’m ready for some heat and sunshine. Big Time! While summer is probably the shortest season where I live, it definitely makes it’s mark in the least amount of time. Some time after the Fourth of July the “heat” comes and we get six to eight weeks of 75-80 degrees with no rain. Now I know that this is no big deal to most of you, however, Washington is the Evergreen State, and when we don’t have our rain, our yards turn brown.

But never fear. Fall is here! Ours came just a few weeks ago and as stated earlier, I love it! The trees started to turn colors, the plants start to go dormant, and a nighttime chill again entered the air. Why, I built my first fire last week! The contrast between the cold and the rain outside and the warmth of the fire inside is exhilarating. And the colors! I love the colors. Sometimes I find myself driving the long way to a destination just to see the colors. We have roads close to my home that feel like I’m driving through of tunnel of orange, red, and yellow. I find it breathtaking. Oh fall! Thank you for rescuing me from the dry of summer. I hope my fond farewell will not be offensive as winter comes to town and turns your barren landscape a crisp fresh white. No worries, though. Right now I’m totally focused on you.

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