The animals are taking over!

Roscoe15I apparently thrive in chaos.  Having been raised one of ten children, chaos was a word I learned early.  Noise, ruckus, mess, were just the norm of my childhood.  We had a childhood pet thrown in there for good measure, but our home was definitely dominated by the kids.

While my husband is the poster child of an American family with siblings, step siblings, half siblings, and foster siblings, the majority of his youth was spent with just him and his sister in relative solitude.  He likes quiet, organization, and tidiness.  His family, though, were animal lovers.  Dogs, cats, and birds (the time his mother doing CPR on their bird is a story for another day).   There was always a pet (or two) living at their house.

Our families have now combined and while we only have three children, we’ve made up for the chaos with the love of animals my husband has.  And we just keep adding!  One weekend this past month, we added one more dog to our home as my niece was horsing around at the fair (literally… she got grand champion in Dressage Showmanship plus more – go Malorie!) and we’re watching their dog.

Here are some exciting ways our lives have changed this weekend with the addition of a fourth dog:

  • I found out my butt doesn’t have to be on the bed to sleep.  I may have had a slight temper tantrum when this was discovered, and the dogs began taking turns to sleep in the crate.  They had a good rotation going on… all night long.
  • It looks like a stuffed animal battlefield over here with batting strewn all over the entire house.
  • The innards of a stuffed animal and my the remnants of my daughter’s destroyed feminine hygiene products look extremely similar (gross).
  • Our cats have morphed into witches, hissing and waving their paws on top of their towers at the dogs.


The fourth dog went away at the end of the weekend, and we got a lovely reprieve – for a little while.  The death of a close family friend has lead to the addition of two new cats into our home.

So, here we are.  Four cats, three dogs, and a snake.   Anyone want a cat?

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