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Rachelle Christensen, I could hate you – but I don’t

On the last day of the ANWA conference, I decided that if I’m going to try this writing thing, I should set up an e-mail address for all of my authorly correspondence.   I have shared it with exactly two people: 1) Rachelle Christensen – the last presenter at one of the last classes I took (fantastic class!), and 2) The publisher with whom I submitted the first four chapters of our book.

When I submitted the chapter, I got a response the next day saying that it would probably take 2-3 weeks to review and make a decision.  That was just over two weeks ago.

I put this new e-mail on my phone, and have been waiting on pins and needles for a response from the publisher.

8 days later, my phone dinged, and it said I had a new message on my new e-mail.  8 days!!!  My breath was stuck in my throat as I tapped the inbox to see my new e-mail.  Exhalation was made possible when I saw it was the promised e-mail from Rachelle Christensen giving me a free e-book.

The new book took the sting off of not having a response.  I’ve only been able to read a little of it, but the setting in the beginning playing in fall leaves was very apropos to our front yard right now.

A few days later I got another e-mail.  I inhaled deeply when I pressed in the in-box button. 5 writing tips from Rachelle Christensen.  Continuing education — I dig it.  Thank you for the reminder that I need to write EVERY DAY, even if it’s just 15 minutes. I am also unreasonable to expect a response in so few days.

A week later I open my phone to see TWO new messages.  I clutch my phone and stare at its face, unable to even push the inbox button.  Finally, I get the nerve to press it, but I close my eyes.  An eyelid is all that’s separating me and certain heartbreak.

Counting down from three, I pop my eyes open and see the expected Rachelle Christensen and… Rachelle Christensen. What the deuce?

The first e-mail are the notes from the two classes she taught at the ANWA conference (curse her follow-through!), and the second was a follow-up to make sure the free e-book had been received, AND the first chapter of the next book.  Good thing the first chapter was so relate-able and gripping, or I’d be a whole heck of a lot more mad.

So, Rachelle Christensen, if you weren’t so good at your follow-through and writing, I could very well hate you.  But, alas, I don’t right now.  I’ll keep you posted once I hear from the publisher.

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