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Golf Digest. Who keeps sending me this stuff??

Golf Digest magazineSo my copy of Golf Digest came this week. At least I assume it was for me, since it was addressed to Christ Fowler.

Several months ago these magazines started showing up at my house. I am absolutely positive I didn’t order it, as I don’t golf.  I once set foot in the parking lot of a golf course, and I have driven by several of them. They seem like lovely places.

golf cart on fireI do like golf carts zipping around and all. I think I could like driving a golf cart. They seem kinda zippy, and I like a zippy little car, especially if it is red. If it has a stick shift, even better. Unfortunately with my luck, this is likely to be the outcome. But I digress.



I suppose I could give golfing it a try, since obviously this is a sign. Perhaps I have a hidden talent in Golf? Perhaps I have been hiding my golfing talent under a bushel, and it should be brought out and shared with everyone.

This may be one of those questions that will just have to go unanswered. Until then, I am searching for just the right magazine subscription to forward on to a deserving sister. Maybe something about Macrame? Hmmmm.

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