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Break Time is Over…

Break Time

Break Time is Over!

It’s Thursday and I’ve just gotten home from swimming for the first time in probably five weeks. That’s a good thing since I’ve gained back some of the weight I worked so hard to lose last summer.

The third week of school is almost under our belts and things are beginning to feel routine. The second week of teaching early morning Seminary is one lesson away from being complete and I’m settling in there as well.

Our book has been submitted to a publisher (thanks to the hard work of everyone else) and I’m feeling like I should be able to take a huge breath and relax for a few days.

Facebook is on my screen for the first time in about 3 weeks and, “Oh! Look! I haven’t read Grace’s last blog.” “Cute picture of Grace! Wonder what she has to say this week. I’m surprised she’s had time to write a blog after working so hard on the book proposal.” “Huh. I haven’t read the previous one either.” I glance at my calendar to see how long ago they were posted and WAIT! IT’S THE FOURTH FRIDAY! IT’S MY TURN TO BLOG!

Hrmpf! I guess my rest and relaxation is over. Pack ‘em up. Ship ‘em out. Back to life. Now I get to prepare tomorrow’s lesson, fold Monday’s laundry, iron stragglers from Tuesday, do the dishes from last night, write a blog, develop a meme, write some stories, mop the kitchen, water the plants, pay some bills, plan my menu, grocery shop, bathe the dog, clip her nails, start dinner, clean my bathroom, clean up the guest room from last week’s visitors, clean the mouse smell out of my car (a blog for another day), and deal with whatever other crisis rears it’s ugly head today. What would I change about my life? Not. One. Thing.

Peggy – #4

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