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11 Common Parenting Mistakes

mom and kids in port orchard

The Crazy Cady Sisters have made it no secret that we’re writing a non-fiction book about being raised in a family with ten kids.  During that time, we figure our parents acquired more than 40 years of parenting experience.

Between the four of us sisters, we have accumulated 87 years of parenting. Gasp! You’d think we were experts or something.  Don’t worry. We’re not. And we don’t proclaim to be.  But we have accumulated a few parenting mistakes over the years. Here are only a few, in hopes that you will learn from us and avoid the same mistakes.

  1. Telling your kids to get in the car and expecting them to.
  2. Expecting your children to get ready for bed in any less than 2 hours.
  3. Asking your children to clean up and expecting them to do so unsupervised on the first try. Or the fourteenth.
  4. Expecting your children to do ANYTHING the first time you asked. Unless it’s eating candy.
  5. Expecting your children to listen to you.
  6. Expecting ANYONE to listen to you. No. Your dog won’t be listening, either. Certainly not your cat. You might have a fighting chance with the fish.
  7. Do not go to the bathroom with the door unlocked, unless you like company, INCLUDING the dog
  8. ALWAYS keep a box of old baby clothes “just in case”.  I cannot tell you how many woman have given away their last box of clothes, or gave away their crib, only to find themselves pregnant again. No. A vasectomy does not protect you. No. havingyour tubes tied is not the same thing. No. Being 59 years old is not old enough. If you’ve had a hysterectomy, you have a 50/50 chance.  For the love of all that’s holy: Do NOT give away that last box of clothes!

    Do not curse in front of your children. This, much like giving away your last box of baby clothes, is almost guaranteed to come back and bite you in the butt. Trust me.

  10. Never assume silence means your little ones are sleeping. In fact, this can be the furthest from the truth. They could be coating your walls with fingernail polish, or emptying a bottle of dish soap in your dishwasher, plotting to take over the world, or have fashioned a rope out of bed sheets and escaped out the window.  Check. Always check.
  11. Never leave little boys and sharpie markers alone in the bathroom. Let your imagination fill in the blanks.

As with any lists including children, this list is exhaustive.  Some items are for all children – i.e. never leave your child alone with siblings, especially if the sibling is younger with long hair. Other items are child-specific. One in our home growing up was “Never leave Cathy alone with nail polish.” That error in judgement meant that  EVERY SINGLE blanket had a giant fingernail polish spill on it.

We’d love to hear what some of your rules are.  Please add your rules in the comment section.  If we like them, you may be quoted in one of our “Parenting Rules” Memes!

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