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Grown up Jack-in-the-Box

This summer, we have two exchange students.  One of them is Hinata from Japan. This is her first times being in the United States, and culture shock is real.  Americans just don’t do things they way they do.  I can think of a ton of different examples that are sometimes awkward, but the most frequent differences happen in the kitchen.

ButtermilkThe highlight of this summer has come when Hinata was helping me make mini Pigs in a Blanket for a trip to the lake the next day.  As I was cutting open the mini franks, I handed her a tube of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits and instructed her to open it.  She just looked at it, then looked at me and shrugged.  Yeah, we’ve gotten really good at gesturing.

I pointed at the instructions and pantomimed how to open it.  I then waved my daughter over to watch Hinata open the tube.  A sound of wonder escaped her lips as the paper rolled off the tube.  Once that was done, she held the cardboard container in her hand and looked up at me in question.  I told her to tap it on the corner of the counter.  As she did it, the tube gave its normal “Pop!” and ripped its seams.

Hinata screamed, and the tube of biscuits flew into the air in surprise. She propelled herself back butting up against the pantry door just behind her.  She then exploded into peals of laughter.  Reaching for the half-open tube of biscuits, she pulled each out in wonder.

The extra fun came when I then I recorded her open the second tube for her parents.  She started peeling the wrapper off on her own, but this time, as often happens, the roll exploded halfway through taking the wrapper off, eliciting the same response as last time!

It’s so fun having an exchange student (or two) in the home for a month.  If you can do it some summer, I’d totally encourage it!  And make sure you have them pop open a can of biscuits while they’re here.


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