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Tasty & Frugal Recipes For on the Go: Chili and Cheese on Mashed Potatoes (a 2 pot meal)

I grew up in the rough and tumble world of Alaska, where camping to me meant pulling over to the side of the road and throwing up the tent in the flattest area possible. I was 15 before I discovered that people don’t usually camp in gravel pits like our family frequently did.

Camping at Whitehorse, Canada.CCS

If you notice, my Dad is busy cooking on his trusty green battered Coleman cook stove. That cook stove traveled everywhere with us, along with the large travel pots and pans. While other families would stop at restaurants along the route, my parents would haul out the stove and pots and serve us a home cooked meal. We were the original tailgaters before tailgating became popular.

While you may or may not be sitting in a gravel pit to eat, this recipe will still be frugal and tasty served on a plastic rest stop picnic table. Enjoy.

Chili and Cheese on Mashed Potatoes (a 2 pot meal)

  • 1 large can of chili
  • 1 box instant mashed potatoes
  • butter, milk and salt (quantities as shown on mashed potatoes box)
  • grated cheese
  • sour cream

On your stove, heat up water to make instant potatoes by following the recipe for quantities desired from the box.

In a second pot, heat chili until hot and bubbling, then remove from heat.

On a paper plate dish out the meal by first spooning on Mashed Potatoes, then Chili, then sour cream and cheese to taste. We recommend eating quickly as this meal will tend to quickly attract wasps and yellow jackets who also enjoy this tasty dish.

(Note: If you are cooking on a plastic table, be aware that putting a hot pot on a plastic table is likely to cause melting and possible destabilization of the table. In this case it may be best to quietly pack up and drive away quickly before you are caught. )


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