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Writer’s Retreat Seek and Find

Today the Crazy Cady Sisters converged on Ellensburg to have the first CCS Writer's Retreat. It has been so much fun to have the four of us together, face-to-face, reading, writing, editing, and laughing. My iPad has gone dead, Susan has plugged in, and our fingers have been flying across our keyboards. Not to mention that we've been laughing so hard we've been crying, and talking and laughing so loud that my throat actually hurts. Maybe this is why Grace, the Retreat Monitor, placed us in separate rooms at the beginning so that we could actually get some work done.

Once our initial two hours of writing were over and we had eaten lunch, we all got together at a table to edit our stories before breaking for blogging time. This is my blog.

Below is a picture of the table we were editing at. Not all of the items listed below were on the table as we were working, but all the items will be used, or eaten, at some point this weekend. Can you find the following? Have fun 'cause we are!

Peggy – #4

Chocolate/Grape Tootsie Pop
Bottled Water
Bic Xtra-Comfort Black Pen
Contigo Water Bottle
ASUS Laptop Computer
Hand Sanitizer
New Trent iPad Keyboard
Barq's Root Beer
Kirkland Trail Mix
English Muffins
HP Laptop Computer
Duncan Hines Creamy Frosting
Vanity Fair Napkins
Logitech mouse
C&H Dark Brown Sugar
Frigo Cheesehead String Cheese
Cool Whip Whipped Topping
Sour Cream
Dell Laptop Computer
Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake Mix
iPhone 6 case
Verbatim mouse
Saltwater Taffy
Hershey's Miniatures
Apple iPad
Kraft Mayo
Ritz Crackers
Log Cabin Syrup
Cream Cheese
Samsung cell phone

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