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An Extraordinary Field of Wooden Cows

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During the past 3 weeks my family and I have done the classic American vacation, a road trip. This time around we traveled from Illinois to Missouri and back to Ohio (and the roller coaster mecca of Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio), then through Pennsylvania and Virginia. It was amazing, and we timed our drives so we didn’t have any really long stretches in the car. One thing I didn’t see, and I looked for them, were the wooden cows.

When I was 15, my family and I spent 3+ months driving around the United States in a green VW bus. We had many unforgettable experiences, but one of the things that stuck with me were the wooden cows.

I had spent the last 8 years growing up in Juneau, Alaska, and cows were still a novelty to my family. We looked for them and any other animals we could spot wherever we went. One day we were driving along and saw a herd of cows in the field. We counted them, and there were like 14 or so of them. A minute or so later Mom remarked that it was odd how none of them were moving. On closer examination we discovered we were driving past a field of wooden cows. After much discussion we decided that people down here in the lower 48 states are just weird. Who would have wooden cows, when real ones are available?

So was this a thing in the 1970’s? Did many people decorate with wooden cows? Was it a trend? Please comment if you have heard or seen wooden cows before. And you get bonus points if you can provide pictures!


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