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Analytical or Emotional.  What Do You Think?

I am #4 of 10 children.  My husband is #6 of 7 children.  My family is comprised of mostly girls.  He has only one sister.  This has made for some interesting conversations in our home, but that is a discussion for another time.

Currently #1 and #3 of his family are in town helping on some home projects.  I find it extremely fascinating to watch their family dynamic and compare it to mine.  As you have probably guessed, we Cadys tend to lean towards the side of….emotional.  I like to call it passionate; his family leans towards the side of analytical.  We like to talk a lot; they observe then determine if they will interject.  We grab the bull by the horns, dig in, and laugh while we’re doing it; they put their heads down and work until the job is done.
When #3 arrived into town, Boyd showed him around and through our home.  When they were leaving my step-son’s room where #1 was staying, #3 looked down and exclaimed, “Hey!  You have one of those things!”  All three of them started talking about it very excitedly, throwing around technical terms, discussing which method worked better, and if solar power or batter power gave better results.

Confused at what could be causing the three of them to be so animated and excited, I looked down and realized that they were talking about some electronic circuit board that had been given by Boyd as a Christmas gift last year.  It was pretty cool, I guess.  It had lots of pretty colors, a little bit of “bling,” and when the pretty colors and wires were connected just right, bells and whistles would sound and lights would flash.  I guess that illustrates my point exactly.  They saw “cool stuff” and I saw “pretty colors and bling.”  Does it make a difference that #1 and #3 are both engineers?  I don’t think so.  In the Cady family, #6 is an engineer.  His personality is similar to mine.   He’s just way, way smarter than I am.

Another HUGE difference between our families is what we do when we get together.  When I get together with my siblings or my kids, we love to sit around and talk and heckle each other.  Boyd’s family does that too, less the heckling, but the purpose of this particular visit was to do home projects.  Our initial plan was for our little family to spend a week building a storage shed in the back yard.  However, when Boyd acquired an already built, insulated, wired with electric shed, he called #3  to discuss moving the shed without taking it apart.  That led to a “Hey! Let us come help you!” visit from two of his brothers.  But their plan wasn’t to sit around and talk.  It was much more than that.  Their “help” included removing the fence, moving and placing the shed, replacing fence posts and the fence, repairing a different section of the fence, installing exhaust timers in both bathrooms, replacing the inside of both toilets, installing four electrical outlets in the kitchen, three electrical outlets outside (2 on switches), an electrical outlet in the garage, fixing the light on the back porch, and if that wasn’t enough, repairing the sprinkler system for about $20 (we got a $1200.00 estimate).  It’s amazing what can get done when you don’t sit around talking!

The differences between us and our families certainly don’t end there, but appreciating and enjoying those diversities sure does make for a fun family life.  What are some of the differences within your family and how do they make your family better?

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Peggy – #4

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