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From the Mouth of a Crazy Cady Husband

I am not a writer, I don’t express myself well in print, I don’t find it cathartic to spill my innermost thoughts on paper. With all that said why am I writing a blog post? Simply put, because my wife (#10) told me to. Really, that’s the only reason.  But being that I want to continue being happily married, I have to come up with a few more words.

I don’t know if my assignment to write this week purposely corresponded with our 10 year anniversary or if it was a coincidence, but either way it gave me an easy topic on which to write. I am so extremely lucky to be married to Grace. While we had a rough go at the beginning (I’m sure there’ll be a post or two about that later), we have found an equilibrium wherein our lives have been fulfilled in each other and our family.  In our home I’m the housewife and Grace is the breadwinner. While very occasionally feelings of demasculinization and mommy guilt rear their heads, this arrangement has allowed us to play to our strengths and support each other and our children is ways that would have been otherwise un-doable. As a team we have had some incredible experiences. We have three fantastic children who daily give us renewed purpose and strength to be the best we can be. We’ve moved eight (maybe more) times (most of those in the first two years of our marriage), and each move reaffirmed our instinctual dislike for the great majority of humanity and emphasized the miracle it is that the two of us love and even occasionally like each other. We’ve had myriad pets and a few have survived! Together we’ve explored new parts of the world and discovered the joys of just being home. There are no words eloquent or descriptive enough to describe what it is to be married to your best friend. I love you Grace.

—Scott (#10’s husband)


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