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Food, Glorious Food!


The Crazy Cady Sisters are currently working on a chapter in our book focusing on food.  Each of us must write chapters about food-related topics from our childhood.  Some of us have favorite recipes. Others have recipes which cause PTSD. I am writing about my inability to cook for less than 12 people. Still. 23 years later.


It’s highly convenient when I’m throwing a party. But I’m an introvert, so…yeah. It wouldn’t be so bad if my family ate leftovers. But they don’t.  Strike two. Or maybe I could share my efforts with friends, relatives, or sick neighbors. Except I usually burn my food, or under-cook it, or forget an essential spice, or…well, you get the picture.

Cooking has never been my forte’.

Earlier in my marriage, I dreamed of going to cooking school, or taking classes.  I’d collect dozens of cookbooks, hoping to learn via osmosis. Instead, I only succeeded in collecting a bunch of books I’d never open.


Luckily, I’ve managed to collect a couple of recipes that even I cannot screw up.  My most popular recipes include: Lasagna, Chicken Enchiladas, and Swedish Meatballs.  If you’d like a copy of these recipes for FREE, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, where I’ll be adding links to the recipes. These recipes are SUPER easy, only use a few ingredients, and are pretty much Susan-proof…I mean fool-proof.

Hurry! the newsletter goes out on Friday, and they’re only available for a few weeks before we’ll take them down to put in our Crazy Cady Sister Cookbook!

Until next time… #7


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