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Justification: You Know You Want Some

What is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with this picture?  This question can be taken in so many different directions.  It’s like a loaded question.  Is it a trap?  What am I trying to accomplish by asking that question?  Well, the answer to all these questions is…yes.  There are multiple things “wrong” with this picture, but as Cady’s, we choose to view things from a more simple, twisted point of view. Let me break it down a little, but we have to start simple.  The bowl has ice cream, brownies and topping in it.  There is something being made in the mixer, there is a list, a phone, a clock, and a basket of fruit.

Now let’s peel back a layer and look at the next level.  This is what my internal monologue sounds like:  Why are you making something so sugary and sweet while  eating a brownie with ice cream?  You know you are going to end up eating too much of it.   Because I need to include something with the vase that I borrowed from “Lydia” 4 weeks ago.  OK, 5 weeks ago.  Fine 2 months ago.  Maybe then she won’t hate me.  Why are you eating a brownie with ice cream when there is a basket of perfectly good, healthy, ripened-to-perfection bananas right there?  Because I ate fruit all day yesterday and I’m bored with it.  And anyway, this way I can throw away the ice cream container in the freezer thus freeing up space.  Besides, it was only a small brownie and a little bit of ice cream.  It didn’t even fill the bowl.  Why did you turn on “Longmire?”  You know you can’t watch just one.  Because it isn’t any fun to eat brownies and ice cream while staring at a wall.  It was too much effort to turn in my chair and look out the window at the trees blowing in the wind.  If I’m watching a program, it makes the yummies last longer and I feel like I’ve eaten a wonderfully filling treat. Why did you have to put that list on the table?  It is a reminder of all the things I need to be working on today.  Baking cookies and cleaning out the freezer is not on the list, but now is as good a time as any, right?

You know you want some…

And the next level.  What is with the clock?  Ummm.  It’s only 9:45 am.  It’s good to multi-task, right?  This way we get many things worked on and completed at the same time.  But brownies and ice cream at 9:45 am??  I’ve been up since 5:00 am.  It’s really almost lunch time….

And the final level…  And just where were you this morning?  I was swimming for 90 minutes.  I feel invigorated, energized, alive.  So after swimming for 90 minutes, you came home and ate brownies and ice cream?  Well…I know it seems kind of….wait!  My timer is going off.  Someone has to taste the first batch of cookies.  You know you want some….

Peggy – #4

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