The Value of a Name

Who Named Me Susan?

Right now, I’m simultaneously submitting my Contemporary YA novel, Unleashed! to literary agents and publishers, editing Courting Disaster, and co-authoring Define Normal with three of my sisters.

While meeting with my sisters, we discussed our names.
If you asked my mother how she and Dad chose my name, she would say it was because her childhood nickname was Susie.
Her brother’s nickname was Butch.  So her parents would call them Butch and Susie.  Mom said her nickname never stuck when she grew older, but she always loved the name, and therefore wanted to name one of her daughters Susan.

If you ask my father, the story is considerably different.  He wanted a daughter named Susan Age. That way, he could nickname her sewage.  And that, my friend, is my father’s humor in a nutshell.

To add a another dimension of interest, here’s a crazy little fact:  My middle name is Lee.  Lee is my father-in-law, my mother-in-law, and brother-in-law’s middle name.  Needless to say, they welcomed me with open arms when they realized I, too, was a Lee!  But wait! It doesn’t stop there. One of my daughters married a boy whose last name is Lee.  His grandfather, and my father-in-law are cousins!

Somewhere, somehow, we are related. Don’t worry. My daughter was very thorough about making sure she wasn’t too related before she married.

In my next blog, I will begin discussing the significance of specific character names in Unleashed! You’ll learn who the characters are named after, and why I chose them. Starting with the main character, Aleasha Summers.

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