Ten out of Ten: Crazy Cady Sister Introductions

cathy.cady.1st.grade.CCSLast, but definitely not least, is number 10.  I am the Omega to Chris’s Alpha.  The Piece de Resistance. The other bookend.  The baby.  Ugh!  I hated when Mom called me the baby of the family.  ESPECIALLY when I was 16, grocery shopping with her, and they would ask if she needed help with her bags.  “No, thank you.  I’ve got my baby helping me.”  Mother!!!

Back on topic.  I’m the caboose of this trainwreck, and as the youngest, my greatest yearning was always to do SOMETHING my older siblings didn’t do.  Good luck!  I spent my life being Susan’s sister (Volleyball Captain and 13-star general in JROTC) and Patty’s (Volleyballer extraordinaire and Artistic to boot) and Becca’s (unrivaled sass and independent spirit) kid sister.  That was my normal.  Heck, one time when I was working in Downtown Seattle in my 20’s, a stranger came up to me and said, “You’re Chris’s sister, aren’t you?”  That was a new one.

Being at the end of the family, I have the unique experience of being part of a huge family in my youth as well as being part of a small(er) family as the siblings flew the coop.  The energetic Mom and Dad of Chris’s youth is vastly different from the exhausted ones of mine.  That’s not to say life wasn’t as crazy.  It was just a more relaxed crazy.

It is going to be a hoot hearing 40 years of childhoods shared from one set of siblings.  Sometimes you’re going to say, “That’s just not normal.” But sometimes you’re going to feel a spark of recognition from your own childhood, and know exactly what kind of craziness we’re talking about. Sign up for our newsletter to hear the juiciest secrets that we don’t dare post on the Internet.  We have some shame… don’t we?

*This was previously published at: http://crazycadysisters.blogspot.com/2017/03/ten-of-ten.html

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