Little Bits of Laughter

Camping at Whitehorse, Canada.CCS Camping with Dad – and his toothless grin. I’m way out of my league when it comes to blogging and social media.  I’ve been told that I just have to write about what’s happening in my life.  What’s exciting about my life?  I’m on vacation visiting my Father-in-law as he adjusts to life without his sweetheart of 66 years.  I watch my husband interact with his Dad and I laugh at how similar they are.  Then I think of my dad.  And I miss him.  Oh, how I miss him.  I have so many good memories with him.

Like Christmas Eve when I was about 4 years old, jumping on the bed I was so excited for Christmas to come.  Dad dressed up as Santa Clause, came into my bedroom, and told me he couldn’t deliver my gifts because I was still awake.  I belly flopped to my bed, army crawled under my covers, and immediately started snoring loudly, assuring him I was fast asleep.
One of the things I love and appreciate about my dad is that he tried to make our childhoods better than his.  That’s what most parents want for their kids, right?  I believe he was successful.  Memories of my dad include, but are certainly not limited to: playing all kinds of card games, inventing games, his telling stories and singing songs, camping, laughing, playing Kick the Can and Hide and go Seek, watching movies and slides and home movies, more laughing, gardening, picking blackberries, canning, 12 Days of Christmas, Family Home Evening, laughing ourselves to tears, home Firesides, shoveling gravel, re-roofing and painting the house, sharing more laughs, remodeling the downstairs, vacations, attending church, and did I mention laughing?  My dad taught me to laugh at the funny things that happen in life and he taught me to laugh at myself.  This is a skill that has taken me through many difficult times and something that many of us Cadys share.  If you stick around long enough, you’ll get to see it first hand.

So what kind of funny, family friendly, memories do you have of growing up?  “Like” our Facebook  page and post your memory there, or Email it to us.  In return, we’ll pick our favorite story and feature it in our Newsletter , along with more funny stories, so you can continue to laugh along with us as we Define Normal…Cady Style.


This post was previously published at: http://crazycadysisters.blogspot.com/2017/04/little-bits-of-laughter.html

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