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I Am Seven: Crazy Cady Sister Introductions

susanschoolpicI am seven. Let me clarify. I’m seventh of ten children. Yes, TEN children.
My given name is Susan.  But I answer to  Chris, Chuck, Judy, Peggy, Monte, Burt, Matt, Patty, Becca, Cat, Hey you!, and any combination of the names mentioned above.
Growing up, it usually sounded like, “Chri-Chu-Jud-Pe-Bur-Ma-Pa-Be-Ca-SUSAN, get over here!”
I am also part of a group of Cady sisters writing a non-fiction story about our lives growing up in the Cady family.  It promises to  be wild, raucous, a bit disturbing, and occasionally overwhelming.  But that was our life growing up. It was our normal.  Hopefully, you’ll discover that it wasn’t as scary as it appeared to be on the outside. Though occasionally it was (more of that in later posts).  Primarily, we hope to entertain, and give you a glimpse of our wonderfully chaotic lives.
Thank you for coming! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter! there are tidbits that some members of our family deem as blackmail.  We can’t share it on the blog, but I’m hoping we can get away with it in the newsletter! Oh, it will be worth it.  I promise! 🙂
Seven  a.k.a. Susan
*This Blog post was posted previously at http://crazycadysisters.blogspot.com/2017/03/i-am-seven.html

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